General Safety Procedures for Workshop Area

  1. Know where fire extinguishers and first aid stations are located
  2. Wear closed toe shoes.
  3. Keep hair pulled back.
  4. Do not wear loose/flowing clothing
  5. Do not eat or drink around your work area.
  6. Wear eye protection when using machinery
  7. Wear dust mask when sifting dry powders
  8. Wear gloves when handling acids and harmful chemicals
  9. Work in a well ventilated area

Furnace (Kiln) Firing Safety

1.  Wear eye protection (students are responsible to bring their own eye protective glasses).

2.  Wear heat resistant gloves (provided).

3.  Wear closed toe shoes.

4.  Assume everything around furnace (kiln) in firing area (trivets and firing racks) are HOT!

5.  Do not touch anything with bare fingers and hands unless the object has been checked to see if it is hot.  Hold back of hand above object to feel for any heat.

6.  Do not remove hot things from furnace area.

7.  Do not remove trivets, firing racks, spatulas or trowels from firing area.

8.  If an accident happens (a hot trivet falls to the floor) do not panic.  Use pliers or trowel to move or pick up hot item.  Do not worry about floor.  Worry about being burned.

9.  Note where the fire extinguishers are located on wall.

10.  Aloe plant in front hall for burns.  Burn ointment and first aid items located in shelf next to fire extinguisher.

Sifting/Handling Enamel

1.  Wear protective dust mask provided in workshop.

2.  Wash your hands prior to eating.  Do not eat or drink around your work area.

3.  Keep your work area neat and clean.

Torch Safety

1. Wear eye protection.

2. Remove loose jewelry and tie back hair and loose clothing.

3. Wear non synthetic fabrics like cotton and wool.

4. Wear closed toe shoes.

5. Don’t use flammable cosmetics like hairspray.

6. If sitting wear an apron or place a towel on lap to catch hot metal before it hits your skin or clothing.

7. Keep food and kitchen utensils out of work area.

8. Use torch in a well ventilated area. Turn on ventilation fan.

9. Make sure all flammable materials are removed from your work area.

10. Point torch head toward soldering board when lighting torch.

11. Do not use an open flame to light torch.

12. Make sure you can see the flame. If not lower the lighting in the room.

13. Be aware of your surroundings and where you are aiming the torch. Avoid distractions.

14. Turn off gas to torch nozzle before laying torch head down and place torch head on a
nonflammable surface.

15. Feel for radiant heat before touching metal, boards, tools, and nozzle.  Assume
everything is hot.

16. Don’t put anything hot in the pickle. Quench in water first.

17. Don’t solder hollow forms such as beads and boxes without a vent hole. Pressure can
build up and form can explode.

18. Make sure gas tanks are turned off and hoses are drained before leaving.

Polishing Motor Safety

1.  No long hair near polishing motor. Tie hair back before using. Grave injury or death could result!

2.  No hanging jewelry.  Remove all jewelry before using.

3.  No Loose Clothing.  No scarves or hanging pieces of clothing.  Remove these items before using.

4.  Wear eye protection.  Grave injury could result if eyes are not protected.

5.  Use lower/bottom part of polishing wheel when polishing.Never polish using upper portion of wheel!

6.  Do not wear gloves when using polisher

7.  Please Be Careful!  Do Not Rush! Think About What You Are Doing!

Be Safe!  Accidents Happen In An Instant!